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Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics

An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
The MCTM is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students by supporting educators in their efforts to improve mathematics instruction.

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Grants and Scholarships

MCTM and the MCTM Foundation offer four different grants or scholarships for teachers.

Spring Conference Financial Support

Target Audiences

  • Licensed MN K-12 educators involved in teaching mathematics. Beginning and mid-career teachers can apply as an individual or as a team. 
  • Students in their teacher preparation courses.
  • MCTM membership is required. 

Primary Purpose: Augment personal or district funds for expenses such as registration, housing, etc. 

Grant Amount:  Maximum of $550 per individual;  a team of 3  can receive a maximum of $1,650.

Deadlines: Due on February 20th.  

Reporting requirements:  due within one month of the conference

  • Submit a short report describing how a session/s may impact your teaching. 
  • Submit reimbursement form and appropriate receipts. 

Spring Conference Support ONLINE Application Forms:

[Closed on February 20th]

Application Worksheets
Prepare your application by completing the worksheets.
Individual Application Worksheet

Team Application Worksheet

Student Application Worksheet

The Arnie Cutler Scholarship for Mathematics Course Work for Middle Grades Teachers

Target Audience:  Licensed Minnesota Middle school teachers currently teaching mathematics in grades 5 - 8.  Must have 3 years of teaching experience and expect to continue teaching mathematics middle school. Must be an MCTM member. 

Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support for improving and deepening middle school teachers’ understanding of mathematics by completing coursework in mathematics. Scholarships with a maximum of $1200 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching in grades 6 – 8. Mathematics content is the focus of this scholarship; thus primary consideration will be given to appropriate mathematics content courses. Mathematics education courses may also qualify if they include a strong content emphasis and if the applicant provides a suitable rationale. Coursework should be from an accredited college or university and grant academic credit. Proposals must address the following: rationale for the coursework, anticipated instructional improvements, and expected impact on student learning.

Grant Amount:  Maximum of $1,200; half is paid upon acceptance of scholarship.  The other half is paid upon submission of the report, receipts for expenses, and evidence of course completion. Course must be completed within 1 year. 

Two Deadlines: Applications due March 31 with notification by May 15 or Applications due October 31 with notification by December 15. Only complete applications will be considered.

Reporting Requirements:  Make a presentation at the MCTM conference or write a short report describing how the coursework impacted you and your students’ understanding of mathematics.

Notes: Application requires electronic submission of applicant/s personal information, a short proposal, a budget, background and experience, administrative letter of support, and a headshot photo appropriate for publicity.

Arnie Cutler Scholarship Application Instructions  


MCTM Teacher Incentive Grant

Target Audience: MN PK-16+ Teachers of Mathematics.  Teachers may apply with another educator.  Applicants must have completed at least 1 year of teaching and must be MCTM members. 

Primary Purpose: The MCTM Teacher Incentive Grant awards up to $1500 to Minnesota K –16 mathematics teachers to support educators desiring to implement innovative, standards-based projects in teaching and learning mathematics. Be sure to read the Grant Information and FAQs before submitting the online application.

Grant Amount:  Maximum of $1,500

Deadlines:  Applications must be submitted by October 31st.  The Project must be completed within one year of receiving the award. 

Reporting Requirements:  Present project strategies at the MCTM Conference or write a summary. It is expected that the report includes details sufficient to allow for replicability.  This summary may be made available to MCTM members.  

Notes: Online application requires a description of the project, statement of need, itemized proposed budget, letter of support from your school, district, or institution administrator.  The link below includes questions and answers that the applicant needs to be familiar with.  Funds are not for student travel or personal gain of the educator.

Ross Taylor Mathematics Education and Leadership Scholarship

Target Audience:  Minnesota PreK-12 teachers of Mathematics.  MCTM membership is preferred. 

Primary Purpose: The Ross Taylor Mathematics Education and Leadership Scholarship is awarded by the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics to a mathematics teacher for the purpose of attending the annual Ross Taylor Mathematics Education and Leadership Symposium.

Grant Amount:  Symposium registration

Deadlines: Applications must be submitted by February 20th. 

Reporting requirements: Attend symposium

 Notes: Application requires response to five short answer questions. 

Application Worksheet for Ross Taylor Mathematics Leadership Grant

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